Powerful Behaviour Reporting all in one place

We are aware that schools like to keep all their records and systems in one place wherever possible which is why we developed a Behaviour System within SOLAR. We are also aware that all schools have different needs when it comes to recording information which is why, like many of the other features on SOLAR, we have created a system that allows users to “bespoke” the standard incident form if it does not fully meet their needs and rename its fields, turn off fields and add “custom” fields of their own.

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Audit Trail

The audit trail in SOLAR allows you to keep track of who is using which feature and what records they are producing and updating, particularly essential when it comes to monitoring behaviour in the school.

Behaviour Module

You can use SOLAR’s module to record both good and bad incidents in your school. You can also record safeguarding incidents which are only available to users with the correct permissions

Reporting Module

The powerful reporting module on SOLAR allows you to run a report on behaviour in the school and “focus” the report, for example on days of the week, pupil etc to identify where and when the issues are taking place to enable you to focus and produce action plans based on actual data.

Behaviour Features Module Screen

Behaviour Features

When you go to the Behaviour feature on SOLAR you are presented with a list of the behaviour incidents on SOLAR (depending on your access permissions) which you can sort by:

  • Pupil.
  • Incident Overview.
  • Created by etc.

You can also use SOLAR’s search feature to find the incident that you require.

Behaviour Incident Form

The standard behaviour form on SOLAR includes pupil, other pupils, users involved, date, overview, time, location, a body map etc but if, for example, you need a field to add photographic evidence you can do this yourself using the “custom fields” feature and/or you can turn off the details field for example in administration.

(Everything you can do on SOLAR is determined by your permissions group which is set up by the school).

You can download, print or E-mail incidents directly from within SOLAR too!

Behaviour and Incident Reporting Screen