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Leafhopper Enterprise Support Ltd

Leafhopper Enterprise Support Ltd is a UK company registered in the East of England with a team based across the UK who are qualified and experienced in Software Development, Business Administration, Training, Teaching and Project Management.

Leafhopper was established in 1999, as PA Web Services Ltd and worked with Business, Social Enterprise and the Voluntary and Community Sectors providing business development, set up support and web-based solutions.

The Company CEO was the Governor of a special needs school in Kent for whom SOLAR was originally developed. Having worked with the school to move it forward to an OFSTED rating of “Outstanding” he is now the Chair of Governors of a primary school.

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SOLAR for Schools

The rise and success of SOLAR came originally from “word of mouth” and to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of its expanding customer base and keep up with school governance and regulations the company now focuses its work entirely on the needs of schools through…

Assessment in SOLAR is designed to be easy to capture. Use SOLAR’s intuitive star cards to track assessment, baseline pupils and view history.

Set flight paths for key stage progress for all subjects and SOLAR fills the termly targets for you automatically. Compare your schools progress against other SOLAR schools using cognitive age.

Use SOLAR’s analysis and reporting tools to generate detailed reports for cohorts or all pupils and export to a variety of formats.

We regularly hold focus groups with representatives from our schools in order to understand their changing needs and to ensure SOLAR continues to meet these.

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