Administration & Training

When you purchase SOLAR one of our experienced trainers will deliver a half days on-line training.

First Session

The first session is with the teachers and your SOLAR administrators giving an overview of SOLAR and its many features. We also cover how to baseline,  set targets and all the different ways to complete assessment.

Second Session

The second session is with your SOLAR administration advisor going through all the settings on SOLAR (many of SOLAR’s features are turn on or turn off allowing you to “bespoke” the system to your own needs). We will go through adding pupils, adding users, setting permission groups (you determine who can do what on SOLAR), adding assessment frameworks, custom fields, terminology etc.

At the end of this session you will know how and where to change your settings and features on SOLAR.

Training Supplement

Our training is supplemented by our extensive on-line knowledge base where customers can get instructions on how to use all the features on SOLAR and get answers to many support questions themselves.

We also have a dedicated Help Desk is available Monday to Friday from 8:30-16:30

It’s a Matter of Pride

We pride ourselves on our average administration response time for support email requests of 30 minutes.
If required, you also have the opportunity to book additional half-day “bespoke” training sessions via our helpdesk Page

Training and Administration Screen

Solar for Schools Administration Screen