SOLAR For Schools is an online pupil assessment tracker for children with special needs.

SOLAR allows you to easily record pupil progress for any assessment frameworks, uploading evidence as you go along. Using SOLAR, you can also set targets, create IEPs/EHCPs and record behaviour incidents. You can instantly generate progress and moderation files, graphical analysis reports and achievement data for OFSTED - saving you and your colleagues hours of hard work!


Assessment in SOLAR is designed to be easy to capture. Use SOLAR's intuitive star cards to track assessment, baseline pupils and view history.


Set flight paths for key stage progress for all subjects and SOLAR fills the termly targets for you automatically. Compare your schools progress against other SOLAR schools using cognitive age.


Use SOLAR's analysis and reporting tools to generate detailed reports for cohorts or all pupils and export to a variety of formats.

Assessment Framework

You can add your own or use the many assessment frameworks that are already available on SOLAR to match your school needs. We use national standard descriptors throughout SOLAR.

Star Cards

Assessing with SOLAR is quick and easy using star cards - you can baseline pupils and use stars to track progress. You can upload unlimited evidence against star cards and view the history of any changes to a star card, at any time.

IEPs/EHCPs and Behaviour Incidents

SOLAR also allows you to create and track termly progress towards IEPs/EHCPs. Using SOLAR, you can also track and report on behaviour incidents in school.

How do I access SOLAR?

SOLAR can be accessed at any time from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. SOLAR is hosted online so there is no installation needed - once you've had your training session, you're ready to go!

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